Adam Vidiksis

Stria [feather] Remix


Fixed media (Quad, Stereo)

A remix of John Chowning’s Stria (1977) made using Csound

John Chowning’s 1977 commission for IRCAM, Stria, has become an icon of electroacoustic music. Part of the beauty of this work is found in the vast musical variety produced from the same algorithmic process. This remix of his seminal work seeks to create rhythmic complexity in correlation to the parameters of Chowning’s original timbres. All the rhythmic figures in the reworking of this piece are derived through one algorithm. It creates an envelope that differs based on the parameters of the original programming. From this combination, both rhythmic variety and new timbres are formed from the combination of this new programming and the original. This remix was created in Csound, based on the recreation of this piece by Kevin Dahan from the original MUS10 orchestra file with modifications by Chowning and Dahan.