Adam Vidiksis

Nightfall Hysteria


Performed by the Temple University Wind Symphony
Emily Threinen conducting

Wind Ensemble

Anticipation is a powerful force. In the form of anxiety it can keep us awake at night, writhing in terror and despair; as excitement it can act as a fuel for our most profound achievements. Nightfall Hysteria focuses largely on the former: the self-inflicted wounds we suffer when contemplating some dreaded fate in the dark of night. It is often those events that we are powerless to change that cause us the most aggravation. This work explores these complex emotions in seven parts, correlating to the form of a classical rondo. The work begins with a gradually building feeling of despair, which builds to a terrible climax. The subsequent middle section is a moment of peace, a calm in the middle of the storm. It depicts a contemplation of mortality, and a momentary sense of serenity that comes from realizing that our inevitable fate joins us as one humanity. This gives way to a rising sense of anxiety once again, which taunts and mocks as it builds to a pinnacle of chaotic activity. These terrifying moments fade away as the night ends and the dawn rises on a new day.

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