Adam Vidiksis

Mitochondrial Dreams


Performed by Adam Vidiksis

Percussion and Electronics

The mitochondria within my body will perish at the time of my death.  Like all men and women who will not in the course of their life carry a child within them, the long chain of information passed through these cells exclusively from mother to child will be destroyed and forgotten.  Mitochondrial Dreams is a musical work for found percussion items and electronics produced using Csound, Pure Data, and Logic.  It explores the wonder that can be felt when contemplating the ancient genetic history these cells carry.  They are part of us; indeed we could not exist without them, yet these small creatures are genetically dissimilar from our own code.  They are an essential part of our shared human heritage.  The community of mitochondrial cells within me has propagated in a line unbroken since before the first humans walked the earth – yet this genetic lineage will unquestionably end with me.  Mitochondrial Dreams is a celebration of the marvelous complexity of life and a reckoning with mortality.

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