Adam Vidiksis

Glaux Ensemble

The Glaux ensemble, a trio comprised of Cynthia Folio, flute; Jeffrey Solow, cello; and Charles Abramovic, piano, will premiere Adam’s sonata in four movements based on theoretical ideas from the world of science. Entitled Physics, each movement of this work focuses on a different concept from our current understanding of the universe. The first movement, Parallel universes, follows three parallel melodies. Slight changes in each of the voices cause them to fall out of phase and back in again. Particle-wave duality explores the twofold nature of energy and matter; each can be explained in both forms. The second movement utilizes the analogy of music-as-waves and music-as-points to create its textures and melodies. The third movement, At the Planck length, portrays the universe at its smallest possible unit of measure. It depicts the “foamy” nature of spacetime and the fleeting creation and destruction of energy. The fourth movement, Supermassive black holes, portrays the powerful heart of galaxies. It imagines the beauty of watching something drift in an ever-decreasing spiral toward the event horizon.

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Date(s) - 04/17/2012
7:30 pm

Rock Hall, Temple University