Adam Vidiksis

BEEP with Mark Snyder and Friends

Friday, March 25, 2016 @8:00PM

Tuttleman Learning Center, Room 107
Temple University
1210 W Berks Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


BEEP is very excited to be performing a show this Friday with Mark Snyder and his band; it’s on Temple’s campus, it’s free, and it’ll feature our first ever tune with a chord progression!

We’ll be collaborating on a remix of a song by Alyssa Milman and an improv, before Mark Snyder and his band play their set. It’s sure to be a great time for all, so bring your friends and enjoy some low-key electroacoustic music!

Mark Snyder, guitar, piano, synthesizer & electronics
Paige Naylor, soprano
Becky Brown, harp
Anna Weisling, video
and BEEP

Located in Room 107 of Tuttleman Learning Center. 

Multimedia Composer Mark Snyder will perform works from his latest Release, The Invalid’s Sonnet at Le Laboratoire Cambridge, a one-of-a-kind art and design center for creativity, invention and boundless learning. The centerpiece of the new album is a four-movement song cycle titled Facets of Love, which sets to music poetry by Jeanine Casler. This new work avoids the traditional art song cliché by following the love’s exuberant awakenings to its grittiest atrocities. Scored for harp, piano, guitar, soprano, video and electronics, this glistening cycle is one of Snyder’s most haunting, expressive and lyrically appealing works.

Despite what you may think about electronic composers, Mark Snyder does not work in a laboratory. His music does not offer cross-sections of frequencies or waveforms, nor does it mix technology & the canon inside a closed petri dish. Instead, Snyder produces soundscapes that envelope the viewer, and charged arrangements keyed specifically to the moving image. Space is occupied, and space is offered.

Works such as Harvey and Alluvium are acutely aware of the passage of time, of duration, and successfully venture beyond the establishment of a mood. Working in conjunction with found and computer-generated video, Snyder moves seamlessly between high and low influences, and the realms of “art” and popular music. Put simply, it is his mission to engage the listener, as much to experiment with the esoteric forms and technology particular to his discipline.

Join Snyder, accompanied by Becky Brown: harp and Paige Naylor: soprano, for an exciting evening of compelling multimedia compositions for tuba, clarinet, accordion, guitar, harp, piano, theremin and soprano. For more information, visit

For more information, please click here.

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Date(s) - 03/25/2016
8:00 pm

Tuttleman Learning Center 107, Temple University