Adam Vidiksis

Drum Amalgam


Performed by Three-for-All Percussion:
Victor Garcia-Gaetán, Brad Loudis, and Patrick Bailey

Percussion Trio
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Drum Amalgam focuses on how separate rhythms can form to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  In the opening section, the rhythm that will become the unifying motif of the entire work is stated.  Each performer continues to build upon this motif, augmenting the rhythm to create a polyrhythmic texture.  When this cycle has run its course, the original motive is heard once again.  In the next section, each performer continues to play the polyrhythm of the preceding section, however now each adds accents which taken together form a fourth rhythm.  Once this has built to its climax, each performer is heard freely against one of the three rhythms that constitute the original polyrhythm.  Finally, the return of the climactic section brings the work to a close, ending with a final statement of the original rhythmic motif upon which the piece was built.